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don't u bored to play always same game since years with his "i aim the feet/birds i head shot"
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PostPosted: Sun May 24, 2015 6:57 pm 
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- Before you start, it helps to have Heist Heavy Combat outfits, which you can get at Ponsonbys, and bulletproof helmets, which you can get at Suburban. You'll have to save the heist combat suit as one of your outfits, and the host needs to let players equip their saved outfits when they set up the heist. Equip the helmet before setting up the heist / accepting the heist invitation, because you can't equip it once you begin.

- Also before you start, familiarize yourself with the location of your apartment on the GTA map.

- Robbing the bank is pretty straightforward. Once the demo guy blows the first gate, one of the Crowd Control people should walk through it to terrorize the tellers and staff back there and also watch the stairway for guards.

- Every time a money carrier gets shot, some of the money is destroyed. So at the beginning of the heist, designate one person to be a pussy and hide and try to take as little damage as possible. That person should be demo or hacker, and should grab all the money in the vault. (It takes longer for one person to grab all the money but there should still be plenty of time.) They also need to own an armored Kuruma, and have it in an apartment/garage not too far from the bank. Eclipse Towers is fine for this, as is Weasel Towers or whatever Sabs/assrott/Smoke live in.

- When you gather in the bank's vestibule to escape, two players should use rocket launchers (carefully, watch out for swinging doors) and destroy cop cars and clear out the cops. They don't respawn immediately outside the bank, so kill them all before you go out the bank doors. The money carrier shouldn't peek at all during this part.

- Go out the door and cross the street to the alley. Two people should fight their way down the alley, while one person watches the rear and the money carrier kinda hides and also watches the rear. Communicate liberally about moving forward and stuff. Be careful of the little side streets cops can come through.

- When you reach the motorcycles, it's the final part of the finale - meaning if you have to do a quick restart, you'll spawn at the motorcycles. There are crates of armor there that you can shoot open and equip, so if you do have to restart, don't bother buying armor.

- The money carrier should take a bike solo, and drive to their apartment. Four out of the five times I did this, I encountered very few cops and was able to get away from them completely by the time I reached my apartment. That's important because you can't enter your garage if cops can see you. So get to your apartment, and if no cops are around, hop off the bike and enter the garage, and get in the Kuruma. If cops are near and there's no way to get out of their sight in front of your garage, instruct two of the other players to commit suicide in their activity (M) menu so that you can quickly restart, before the cops corner you and shoot you a lot and you lose a hundred thousand fucking dollars because of that stupid fucking stipulation Rockstar threw in to make the heist "hard."

- Note: any money lost from the money carrier getting hurt, is NOT replenished after a quick restart. So again, if things are going pear-shaped for the money carrier then you really just need to end it all and start over quickly.

- The three non-money-carriers should drive to a safe place just outside the city. We went north/northeast of the city, just west of the main highway, to a grassy place with few roads near it where cops could spawn. Hold out there until the money carrier arrives in the Kuruma.

- The money carrier should get in shotgun or one of the back seats, and just hold the duck button for the rest of the mission, to avoid being shot. The driver and other two players need to shoot cops a lot, also to help prevent the money carrier being shot.

- Drive to the yellow dot provided by Lester, which is just outside the tunnel through the mountain. But then turn left off the road and carefully go right back down the hill, back to the main road you took to get to the mountain. From there, there's another path you can take to your Escape Dinghy which is much faster, safer, and more direct than Lester's stupid bullshit path.

- When you reach the dinghy, have the non-money-carriers hop out and rocket the cop helicopters and cars, and generally make it as safe as possible for the money carrier. The money carrier should keep ducking, and maybe shoot the mini SMG at cops. When there's a break in cop presence, everyone get to the dinghy and escape.

- Celebrate with Lester and reminisce about the campfires and skinny dipping.

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Hogg wrote:
- Also before you start, familiarize yourself with the location of your apartment on the GTA map.


I'm not a, guy.

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