The Creed of the Underscores

  1. We play for the love of the game.
  2. On the field of combat.
  3. In this age of the internet.
  4. For great justice.
  5. If a request is made you must respect that request and not alter it.
  6. You must be gay, but not homosexual.
  7. I punched a woman.
  8. Buttsecks?
  9. Buttsecks, both giving and recieving, does NOT make you a homosexual. It makes you an Underscore.
  10. Don’t u bored to play always same game since years with his “I aim the feet/birds I head shot.”
  11. gg you can disconnect now.
  12. either play for real or leave please.
  13. Waffles.
  14. And Darkness and Decay and The Underscores held illimitable dominion over all.

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  1. Teaks says:

    Absolutely astounding. I feel like I should stand up, take off my hat, and salute.

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